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The real beauty – a harmony of external and internal world. It is this harmony allows radiate charm and appeal, helping to inspire new achievements and captivate others. Cosmetics VG Professional make up set up to ensure that you do not have to compromise with nature and seek a solution to this complex problem, because the basis of production – carefully selected raw materials and special recipes developed by our technologists. It is the alpha and omega of quality cosmetics.



VG Professional Team

Татьяна Климова Профессиональная косметика VG Professional в Украине и России
Tatyana Klimova

Brand Visagist

I find the inspiration in beauty and harmony of the nature. With pleasure I travel, I hold master classes and competitions. Subscribe for me on social networks not to pass the most important!

Сергей Гостев VG Professional Make Up Cosmetics
Sergei Gostev

Sales Manager

Style and fashion are one their those few things in life which constantly change and have no rules. I adore the movement, speed, a bright and unusual way of life.

Людмила Климова Профессиональная косметика VG Professional в Украине и России
Liudmila Klimova

SMM manager

I do not represent the life without communication with people. I am very glad that work in the VG Professional Make Up company allows me to realize the potential by means of modern technologies.

Andrew Hmel VG Professional Cosmetics
Andrew Hmel

Commercial Director

I devote to work 24 hours a day! Nevertheless, it is ready to go with the company further. As Bernard Shaw spoke: “Follow the dream, move to the purpose!”. And I am confident that I have chosen the correct way.


  • Big thank you for the excellent products and timely delivery! Shadows -super! highly pigmented, soft texture, perfect lie) A special thank Sergei administrator for advice. Will order more!

    Yuliya Makarevich
    Щасливий клієнт!
  • Thank you very much for the speed and patience, I will order more.

    Елена Ващенко VG Professional Cosmetics
    Elena Vashenko
  • Already tried the shade, they are wonderful !!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Ника Литман VG Professional Cosmetics
    Nick Litman
    Happy customer!
  • Thank you very much for the fast delivery! All very much! Acquired toning basis VG and a few tenyushek! Excellent quality! I will order more!)

    Александра Прохорец Профессиональная косметика VG Professional в Украине и России
    Alexandra Prokopets
  • I would like to share their experiences from the use of VG Professional cosmetics. In tonal means good matting effect. The quality of the application pleasant, gentle, smooth, clean lines without gaps. Carcasses simply superb, a couple of strokes and beautiful eyes are ready, without the hassle and umecheny their share. Incidentally, the cosmetics are very resistant, all day without streaks and accumulations in skin wrinkles. Pleased as brushes. These are made from both natural cloth or synthetic. Brushes do not climb, gaining good product, keep their shape for a long time.

    Елена Лавриненко Профессиональная косметика VG Professional в Украине и России
    Elena Lavrinenko
    Our customer
  • Thank you very much cosmetics liked especially liked the pencils for lips and eyebrows are very soft and resistant and special thanks to the polite consultant 😉

    Lia Духно Профессиональная косметика VG Professional в Украине и России
    Lia Dukhno
  • I am a makeup artist, and I have been tried cosmetics I VG Professional. Cosmetics is very high quality and good, tone and good basis for adjusting and evens the complexion. The favorite of the product steel eyebrow pencils, super durability and easy application.

    Tatiana Fatyanova


VG Professional Cosmetics is located in Barcelona (Spain).

We call our pencils “the tattooing” for their thermal and moisture resistant properties

On the packaging of cosmetic products is a symbol of an open jar. Next to this symbol specified period of time. For example, 6M means that the shelf life of this product is 6 months from the date of opening the package.

We are working at full advance payment on the card private. New mail delivery at buyer’s expense.

Our ink has a moisture repellent properties (does not flow from snow, rain) does not fall off (you can go to sleep, it does not osypletsya with it), but simply washed off with warm water (no special tools are needed for removing make-up)

– Apply the cleaner on hand, moisten it a brush and lightly rub the lint brush on wet palm.
– Thoroughly rinse the brush in water to completely remove the detergent. Never dry down brush fibers, as adhesive with which they are fastened to the handle can flow.
– Wet wipe liquid and slightly flatten the villi.
– Putting the brush so that its fleecy part does not touch the surface and allow to dry.